How to Use Governance Online Meetings 2 weeks ago

Governance Online Meetings can take many forms, but the most important thing to have successful governance meetings is to make sure that participants are able to communicate with one another the same manner as be if they were in person. This includes sharing screens using video and voice calling, and providing immediate responses to questions. This means that any person can be asked to leave a meeting at any moment, should they be disruptive or inappropriate. They must also be informed via email immediately with a record.

The chairman, or the presiding officer of the meeting, has to ensure that the meeting is on track. Ideally, governance meetings will have an agenda and strict time-frames for the processing of each item. This will ensure that the statutory guidelines for governance meetings are adhered to, and if the governance meeting is being reviewed by an outside party, it is likely that they will look for evidence of these standards.

Ideally, meetings for governance are held weekly but this is not always possible for all teams. If you are just beginning to get acquainted with Roles, it is best to schedule your first few meetings close together. As your team grows more comfortable working in roles, you can reduce the frequency of your meetings.

It is also useful to have a few check-in calls between meetings of governance to keep the team together and allow those who have questions or concerns to resolve their issues. It is also a good chance to build stronger connections between the top leadership team.

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